Setting the standard for inspection management

An innovative software to gain full control over your inspections in the Oil & Gas industry.

Looking to improve the efficiency of your inspection management?

Whether your organization is a Customer or a Vendor, you can communicate, plan visits and manage documents with ease in a secure and confidential way.

Put all of the information in a single place and share it with your team!

SimplifY the collaboration withIN your team with NotifyMe

Know what to work on

NotifyMe helps you focus on what matter and reduce the time spent on unnecessary tasks.

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Know what is being done in your team

Working with colleagues, customers and suppliers has never been so easy.

More work done in less time

NotifyMe gives you full control over your working processes and all you have to do is check that everything is proceeding correctly.


Roger Evans


Roger Evans


“Having full control over the inspection process of the products that we purchase is fundamental in my job, and now this has become standard practice.
I must confess that when I look for a new vendor or agency, I prefer to select one that already uses NotifyMe.”

Steven Grant


Steven Grant

Project Manager

“All activities are already well organized within the software itself. I can keep an eye on the planning of all activities within my company: from issuing certificates, to the preparation of material, as  well as checking the availability of plant equipment, and ensuring inspector attendance.”

Natalie Jacobs

Inspection Agency

Natalie Jacobs

Job coordinator

“With NotifyMe, I know our agency offers an additional service to customers by making our daily activities more transparent. I always encourage our inspectors to use NotifyMe, because it simplifies their work and, best of all, the Basic version is free.”

Chris Turner


Chris Turner

Mechanical Engineer

“Now my schedule is perfectly organized. The documents and information I need to carry out an inspection are always updated on-line, directly from my mobile phone. I just need to access my calendar to find out exactly where to go and what to do.”


“NotifyMe allows more focused and effective use of my time with less time spent on unnecessary tasks.

With NotifyMe I have access to all the information and documentation required to undertake my assignments, this is updated on-line directly from my mobile phone. It‘s as simple as checking my calendar to see the job location and the assignment details. This is a very streamlined process and the reason why I don’t hesitate in recommending NotifyMe to my contacts.”


Trevor Mansell

Mechanical Inspector
Doncaster, United Kingdom

“Working with NotifyMe has been an outstanding experience.

NotifyMe has put everything into one place and has been key for multiple levels in our organization, supporting both our inspectors and our coordination team.
Overall, NotifyMe has allowed us to get an edge on our competition.”


Adrien Djamdjian

Operation Director at IFIS Sarl
Grenoble, France