Why have I received this email?

You have reached this page because someone that has a business relation with you as a business partner (e.g customer or supplier) has sent you an email through the NotifyMe Messaging System, under his exclusive responsibility.  This email may contain important information with regards to a project, purchase order or supply that is currently ongoing.

If you believe you have received this email in error, please ignore it or contact the senders, whose name and organization is indicated in the email, to request the removal of your email address from their address book.

NotifyMe Privacy Policy

NotifyMe will not access your confidential information or use your email address for any  purpose other than enabling your business partner to communicate with you via the NotifyMe Messaging System. Please be aware that we will not use or share your email address with anyone for promotional purposes.

We respect your need for online privacy and protect any personal information, in an appropriate manner. Please learn more about our Terms of Use here and Privacy Policy here.

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